Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Language Explosion

After a long period with just a smattering of words in her vocabulary, Pudding Pie has recently decided that the time has come to embrace language. She's now coming out with armfuls of new words every day and it's an exciting time for both of us. She loves to throw out her new words around me because my reaction is always extreme. I shriek with excitement and ask her to repeat the word. Sometimes she smugly obliges, other times she acts coy and no amount of cajoling will get her to say her new word again - until she wants to. Either way, she knows she's just impressed the heck out of mom and she loves it.

I used to write down her new words in her baby book, but these days the words are tumbling out so thick and fast, I can't keep up. I am so proud of my clever girl, and this confirms what we have both always known: Pudding Pie is not only gorgeous, witty and adorable, she is also quite obviously a genius.

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