Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lately I've been paying a lot of visits to a wonderful site called Mamapedia. As a mom, I find I face new parenting challenges daily, and I'm always looking for sound advice from other moms who have been doing this 'mom thing' for longer than I have. I'm constantly seeking advice on so many parenting topics, ranging from choosing to vaccinate - or not, to dealing with tantrums, to help on teaching toddlers to share, to finding the safest car seats, and everything in between! Up till now, it hasn't been easy to find a ready supply of advice. However, now I've found Mamapedia and I can search for answers to a variety of family-related questions and all on one site!

Visit Mamapedia with your most pressing questions and get empathetic and insightful answers from moms around the country. A virtual encyclopedia of Mothers' wisdom, Mamapedia allows you to quickly navigate through thousands of diverse categories to find the thoughtful, sympathetic-and most importantly-helpful answers to all of your questions. Mamapedia brings millions of women together online, both nation-wide and in our own communities, so we can help each other tackle those difficult parenting questions or even just give recommendations on our favorite pediatricians, playgroups, and kid-friendly restaurants.

Check out Mamapedia at!