Friday, October 28, 2011

Celebrating Halloween with an awesome Zombie Hexbugs Bash

Zombie bugs in custom coffins. These were the guests of honor at our little Halloween shindig, and they did not disappoint. This year, we were thrilled to host a Halloween-themed Hexbug Nano party, and Pudding Pie rocketed to the top of the ‘coolest kids in the neighborhood’ list… OK, there isn’t really such a list, but she for sure scored points with her peers after doling out first the super cool Limited Edition Hexbug Nano Halloween Zombie bugs and then later the Glows in the Dark Hexbug Nano Galileo Collection bugs! We set up our Elevation Habitat Set, which also glows in the dark, and it was soon covered with quite a population of nano Hexbugs – and the hovering hands of their very vigilant new owners! We had some heated debates over hexbug ownership, but luckily these were resolved with minimal bodily injury… Yes, the Hexbugs are amazing for their capacity to entertain and excite. I was impressed at how long the kids hung out around the Habitat Set, setting their Hexbugs on various paths, inventing games, even creating Lego obstacles for their bugs to navigate around in the habitat! It was interesting, too to watch the dynamic as a bunch of kids figured out how to play together with their Hexbugs in the same habitat. In our case, they banded into teams (girls vs. boys) and declared certain zones as their own or as the other team’s. The Yummy 'Mummy' Dogs Candy Corn Puddings - A favorite with the moms!
We refueled the Hexbug owners with ‘Mummy Dogs’ – hot dog mummies wrapped in croissant ‘bandages’ – and cotton candy puddings, and then we challenged any willing participants to a ‘mummy’ race. This involved wrapping the aspiring mummies in yards of toilet paper. There were some party-goers who didn't find the idea of getting bound up like a mummy that enticing, and they elected to spectate. For the others, we discovered that getting mummified was easier said than done. The 2-ply was no match for the excited contestants, and we had a few cases of emergency mummy surgery just before race time. (I recommend at least 3-ply should you wish to hold your own mummy race.) The race rule was ‘hop, don’t run,’ but apparently few remembered this once the race was underway and general frenzied chaos ensued. The judges turned a blind eye to the flagrant breaking of rules, declared a winner, and then issued all party-goers with a prize – their very own Glows in the Dark Nano Hexbugs! This put the Habitat sets at maximum capacity and happy Hexbug mayhem ensued!

The Mummy Race!
Cuddle Cottage was chosen to host an in-home party for HexBug Nanos through Mom Select and Mommy Parties, and was given the materials and samples to do so.