Sunday, August 3, 2008

A table top piano from Tick-A-Too

I've found it. The most beautiful play kitchen ever. Aren't you in love with this Prairie Kitchen from Kidcraft? Don't you adore the heart shaped artwork?! I can just see my daughter spending hour after happy hour in her kitchen . . .
I found it on the Tick-A-Too website and I have a mission now: I have to find a way to persuade my husband to fork out the cash for this thing of beauty.
Anyway, the reason I was trawling through Tick-A-Too was
because I was entering
yet another giveaway from, and this time the prize is an adorable Schoenhut 18 key children’s table top piano. My daughter would love this! Visit and enter for a chance at this beautiful piano, and enjoy yourself as you trawl through the Tick-A-Too site, it's full of I-want-it-right-now stuff! Giveaway ends August 7th.

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Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

I am in love with that Kitchen! I think it may be even a little cuter than mine at home.