Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer Memories: A Trip to SeaWorld

We didn't have any travel plans this summer, but we were lucky enough to take a day trip to SeaWorld; it was my first-ever visit and I can't wait to go again! The day was a long one for Pudding Pie, but she was a trooper. It rained on and off and we got pretty soaked, but it was so steaming hot, we welcomed the dousings. We watched a spectacular dolphin show and Pudding Pie, who adores dolphins, was riveted.

The dolphins do their thing.

Pudding Pie and Mommy watch in awe.

The highlight of the day was the much-anticipated Shamu show, and it was spectacular. The Killer Whales are magnificent and not only are their handlers just wonderful with the animals, they also have the best jobs in the world. I'd love to get up every morning and do what they do! I wish I could share great photos, but it was during this show that Pudding Pie could hold on no longer. I watched most of the show from the way back, while desperately trying to help Pudding Pie work through her mini meltdown. (Her Dad didn't get to see too much, he was sent to find the stroller so we could put the pooped one to bed.)

We got to feed the dolphins, we visited the huge aquarium, and we hung out at my personal favorite, the Penguin exhibit. Pudding Pie has a giant stuffed penguin at home and it rocked her world to see the real deal right in front of her!

Pudding Pie and Mommy check out the sharks.

We brought the stroller, but this was Pudding Pie's preferred mode of transport.

Of course, there are also the breathtaking, stomach-churning rides. Pudding Pie's dad went on a few, but I declined. My nephew persuaded me to go on one pretty tame ride and I did - under duress, and with the assurance that I would be forever cool in his eyes if I did. Pudding Pie loved the gently spinning paint cans, her first-ever ride!

The makings of a thrill seeker . . . more guts than her mama.

Like I said, it was a day trip, we got there as early as we could, had a blast, then made our way home and wearily fell into bed around midnight. Pudding Pie usually likes to wake up around midnight, but on this night she was kind to her mom and she didn't. In fact she almost slept through the night - almost!

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We are THAT Family said...

SeaWorld is the best. We try to go once a year and it never gets old. Loved your pictures.

P.S. He loves you... said...

I live only 45min west of there and never get there often enough!

Nice pix!

Nancy M. said...

I love Sea World too! And the penquins are one my favorties also. Cool pictures!

Shanda said...

We keep trying to make it to SeaWorld...maybe next summer!

I wished we lived so enough to make it a day trip.

Cute pictures!

CanCan said...

That looks like so much fun!! What a perfect family day!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Looks like fun!

Stacey Moore said...

i loved sea world as a child and can't wait to take my own!

Michelle said...

We went to San Antonio in May and took Kayla to Sea World - I have a pic of her and Joe on the teacup ride - she loved it! Looks like you guys had a blast too!

Fifi Flowers said...

I need to plan a trip to Sea World... my kids love that place and we haven't been in YEARS! Lovely photos!
Thank you for stopping by my blog!
Fifi Flowers

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

What a great family trip. I love learning about marine life and am look forward to taking my little boy someday too...and those sharks! Wow. Very exciting.