Monday, June 16, 2008

Pudding Pie and I have been going swimming and also hitting the sand pit and the water park like women possessed. She's loving it and I'm already longing for fall . . . She's lucky she's so incredibly cute because I have to tell you, I wouldn't be doing this for anyone else.

I was recently the lucky recipient of $20 in Baskin Robbins gift certificates, so guess what we've been indulging in? As a Father's Day treat, I blew the last of our gift certificates on a half gallon of 'Gold Medal Ribbon' - a decadent blend of chocolate and vanilla, with swirls of caramel criss-crossing all that yummy chocolate and vanilla. It is good stuff and it's a pretty sweet way to deal with the heat.

In my attempts to raise a peas-and-broccoli-eating toddler I had short-changed Pudding Pie on the sweet treats, but not to worry because she's all caught up now. It seems she has quite a passion for ice cream. When she sees the tub of ice cream being pulled out of the freezer, she starts saying 'no, no, no' and nodding her head vigorously. (This means 'yes' in Pudding Pie talk. . . ) Her excitement is too cute and there is no denying her. These days I have to wait until she's safely tucked in bed if I want to enjoy my ice cream all to myself.

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