Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy memories from long ago!

Metropolitan Mama is hosting a 'Wii Remember Childhood Moments' contest and the grand prize winner gets to take home a Nintendo Wii! First place winner also gets lucky: a pinata full of Nestle Crunch candy bars - yum!

Here are a few memories of my favorite childhood games:
I grew up in Africa, where gardens are generally large, rambling and densely vegetated. My sisters and I loved to play in the vine-entangled 'rockery' in a far-flung corner of our garden, thus called because it was populated with several large rocks. One rock in particular was huge. We imaginatively called this one "Big Rock" and it was the site of great adventures - safe harbor from countless dreamed up villains, a landing spot when we attempted to swing from the monkey vines during ‘Tarzan’ re-enactments, the possibilities were endless. Looking back, I shudder: I’m sure all manner of slithery, venomous things lurked in that rockery, but we were oblivious!

Another game favored by my sisters and I was to take all of my parents folding lawn chairs, line them up single file and create an ‘airplane’. We stuffed all available dolls into the seats, then transformed ourselves into air hostesses and busied ourselves patrolling the aisle, serving refreshments and doing what we deemed essential ‘hostess’ tasks. We never concerned ourselves with the fact that our flight was pilot less!

Another favorite involved taking mom’s large, round cookie tin lids (sometimes with consent, sometimes without . . .), we’d fill them up with sand and spend hours creating ‘fairy gardens’. We gathered teeny, tiny pebbles to make teeny, tiny garden paths, we’d ‘plant’ flower heads all over and we’d break twigs off bushes for our teeny, tiny trees.

Childhood was a blast!

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Stephanie said...

We played a version of the Airplane game too. That one is a fun one!