Friday, July 18, 2008

This girl loves her veggies and fruit

One of Pudding Pie's all time favorite foods is peas, and broccoli skids in a close second. She also loves her tomatoes, carrots, green beans and corn on the cob.

When it comes to fruit she's equally enthusiastic. While stopping by Tar-jay today we picked up some strawberries and she was quite beside herself when I said she'd have to wait until we got home before she could have at 'em. She happily chomps her way through bananas, apples, mangoes, peaches, pears, grapes, kiwis, the list goes on . . .

No one's told her that kids aren't supposed to be so crazy for their veggies or fruit, and for this I am grateful. I imagine there will come a time when she isn't such an ardent fruit and veggie lover, but right now I'm enjoying feeding my little health nut!

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Audrey said...

That is so cool. I have two girls. One loved and still loves fruits and veggies. The other never liked them as a young child and still is not very fond of them, though she does love corn on the cob.