Monday, July 14, 2008

Pudding Pie's day has been completely out of sync. This morning, we raced around getting ready for a playdate then, at the very last moment, it had to be cancelled and we found ourselves at a loose end. After that, I couldn't seem to get my act together and we waffled the day away doing nothing in particular. I am now paying for our low-key and somewhat lethargic day: Pudding Pie has been bored, restless and irritable; she's gone to bed way too early; she's probably going to wake up just as I'm ready to bed down for the night - and I have only myself to blame - ahh! I hate these days when I'm a slob mom. Tomorrow will be better Pudding Pie, I promise!

Sand Baby
This is poor, unstimulated Pudding Pie during more energetic times this past weekend, partying at her favorite place - the park.

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PrimaCraftyMomma said...

I hate those kind of days too! They are fun during the lazy relaxing moments, then it comes back to bite ya in the booty. lol