Monday, November 23, 2009

A Memorable Thanksgiving Meal For All

Here we are, just days from Thanksgiving and it feels like we've only just stepped out of summer. Its hard to believe the holiday season is already here, but it is all the same and there are meals to be planned, mountains of delicious food to be eaten, belts to be loosened, you know how it goes. We are planning our Thanksgiving meal with enthusiasm; there will be no calorie counting in this house come Thursday! (Who am I kidding? There is never calorie counting in this house . . .)

We'll have the usual favorites: my husband's signature spinach and cream cheese dish, candied yams, green beans with toasted almonds, a mountain of 'smashed' potato, as my daughter likes to call it, homemade gravy, stuffing (you can never have too much of this), cranberry sauce, pecan pie, pumpkin pie and, hopefully, the most succulent, tasty turkey we have ever cooked!

I also plan on going the extra mile this year and making my famous 'from scratch' pumpkin soup, complete with toasted pumpkin seeds. It is a glorious soup, inexpensive to prepare and always a crowd-pleaser. Problem is, I don't make it too often because it is labor-intensive to say the least. Indeed, hacking my way through a couple of pumpkins to make a giant batch of this soup is a time-consuming, strenous - and messy - business, but the end result is well worth it.

With food prices on the rise, all of this feast preparation can can challenge even the most budget-savvy moms. This November, Walmart wants to make sure all Americans have the opportunity to create lasting memories with their families by offering a Thanksgiving Meal for Eight for as low as $20, featuring all of the fixings for an unforgettable Thanksgiving meal. The meal includes one 12-pound Grade-A turkey, three cans of vegetables, three boxes of stuffing mix, one 5-pound bag of red potatoes, two cans of cranberry sauce, one package of dinner rolls, and a pumpkin roll cake for dessert. And for those less confident in the kitchen, Food Network star Melissa d'Arabian has created tasty twists on traditional holiday dishes using the ingredients found in the Thanksgiving basket.

Visit the Walmart Holiday Meals website to learn more about the Thanksgiving Dinner for Eight for as low as $20 and find some great recipes from the Food Network’s Melissa d’Arabians.

What are some of your own favorite memories or money-saving tips for the holiday season? Leave a comment and let me know. I'll be giving away a $30 Walmart gift card to two lucky readers!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Walmart. In addition, I received a Walmart gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate and two to offer as a giveaway.


Mary Anne said...

I loved your article Cuddle Cottage Mom! One of the most memorable Thanksgivings, and the cheapest (by accident) was the Thanksgiving my husband and I endured 2 weeks after the birth of our first child, Aiden. He was brand new and we were brand new parents, but also, it was the first time we had spent the holidays away from my large family - with my mom at the helm and me, another "kid", enjoying the fruits of all of her labor. After my recent labor the feast was to be up to the new dad. He bought everything pre-made, but he had to still organize the meal (what, when and how long), all while I went up and down (in one day!) on the postpartum rollercoaster and missing my own mom. While it seemed meloncoly, I did, with absolute peace, discover that we (me, husband and baby) were a family and that there was so much to be grateful for. I remember my mom calling and sounding happy for us and me feeling slighted that she didn't miss me, she was delighted - but she was because she knew, that day, even with the struggle and growing pains, that my new family was good - even if the "homecooking" was in #2 plastic containers from the store -it was our little celebration together.

Anonymous said...

Last Thanksgiving is one I'll always remember fondly. We don't celebrate this holiday where I come from, so it was an extra treat to come over and be a part of this uniquely American holiday, and to get to visit with loved ones.

karen said...

Hi B! Great to see a bit about your lovely Thanksgiving dinner. I am so impressed with the idea of the from scratch pumpkin soup!! Hope you three are well and happy... xx